Classic Jazz – Olivier Franc Quintet

27th – 28th – 29th March
@ QBAA (Evening 9 PM onwards)

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The band’s repertoire consists of Sidney Bechet’s compositions, in addition to some great jazz standards and to their own compositions.

Olivier Franc, soprano saxophone, is the son of René Franc, clarinetist, who played with Sidney Bechet.

Olivier FrancOlivier Franc began his career in the 1970’s. Well established in the classic jazz scene, the music critics called him Sidney Bechet’s best disciple and in 1997, he was rewarded with the ‘Prix du Musicien Français’ from the ‘Hot Club de France’ for his live CD ‘Swing Folies’. Olivier Franc offers a new and personal music while remaining faithful to the spirit and style of Sidney Bechet.

Since 2006, he has had the privilege of playing the saxophone that formerly belonged to Sidney Bechet.


jazz2014-dukeSidney Bechet (1837-1959) was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer. He was one of the first important soloists in jazz and perhaps the first notable jazz saxophonist. He successfully composed in jazz, pop-tune, and extended concert work forms. He knew how to read music but chose not to, due to his highly developed inner ear; he developed his own fingering system and never played section parts in a big band. His playing style is intense and passionate, and had a wide vibrato. He was also known to be very proficient with his instruments and a master at improvisation (both individual and collective).

“Bechet to me was the very epitome of jazz … everything he played in his whole life was completely original. I honestly think he was the most unique man to ever be in this music.” Duke Ellington.