Marguerite Duras Celebration

Dictation Competition & Presentation
Friday 14th March at 10:00am
@Alliance Française de Kotte

Theatre Workshop & Recital
AF Network in SL (March/April)

Marguerite Duras

One hundredth anniversary
of her birth celebration

Francophonie Month falls in March and promotes French as an international language as well as cultural and linguistic diversity. francophonie2014-monthThis year, we will celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of Marguerite Duras birth and her works will inspire several activities.

francophonie2014-duras3MARGUERITE DURAS was an author, novelist, screenwriter, playwright and essayist. She was born in 1914 in French Indochina (now Vietnam), after her parents responded to a campaign by the French government encouraging people to work in the colony. The difficult life that the family experienced during this period was highly influential on Marguerite experienced during this period greatly influenced Duras’ later work. An affair between the teenaged Marguerite and a rich merchant figures prominently in her subsequent memoirs and fiction. The surname Duras is not her real name. It is the name of a village in France where her father’s house was located.

Her best selling, apparently autobiographical, is L’Amant (1984), translated into English as The Lover. This text won the prestigious Goncourt Prize in 1984.

francophonie2014-duras4Although Duras’ early novels were fairly conventional in form, with Moderato Cantabile she became more experimental, paring down her texts to give ever-increasing importance to what was not said. Her films are also experimental in form; most eschew synchronized sound, using voice over’s to allude to, rather than tell, a story; spoken text is juxtaposed with images, whose relation to what is said may be more-or-less indirect. She was associated with the Nouveau Roman, the French literary movement.


Alliance Française de Kotte is organizing in collaboration with public national schools a dictation of 100 words. About 40 students from different schools will participate in this contest.

francophonie2014-duras2To celebrate the centenary of Marguerite Duras birth, the dictation competition based on an extract of Marguerite Duras’ famous screenplay
Hiroshima, mon amour.







After the dictation, Mrs Niroshini Gunasekara, lecturer at Kelaniya University will speak about the life of Marguerite Duras and her works.



For the second consecutive year, Claude Le Roux will conduct acting and singing workshops in Sri Lanka; she will also perform them in Jaffna, Kandy and Colombo. Main theme will be Marguerite Duras’ theatre plays.

francophonie2014-lerouxClaude Le Roux is a French acting and singing teacher; for the second consecutive year, she will tour Sri Lanka with a show composed of texts fragments taken in Marguerite Duras’ works.

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