Wednesday 18th of May, 6pm -CINE 21

 Age of Panic (La Bataille de Solférino)by Justine Triet(2013) – 94’

The Cine Club of the Alliance Francaise de KOTTE in partnership with the National Film Corporation presents Justine Triet’s 2013 award-winning movie “‘Age of Panic’ (La Bataille de Solferino).

04Free of charge and open to the public, it will be screened at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 18 May 2016 at the National Film Corporation Hall at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Written and directed by Justine Triet, much of the film was shot on the streets of Paris during the 06 May 2012 national elections, the day of the second round of the French presidential election

TV journalist Laetitia (Dosch) is late leaving home for her assignment covering the events on Rue de Solférino (at the headquarters of the Socialist Party) when her ex, Vincent (Macaigne), shows up a day late to his court-appointed time to visit their two daughters.

03The original title is La Bataille de Solférino, referring to the Battle of Solferino (a 1859 battle during the Second Italian War of Independence) and the Rue de Solférino, a street in the Left Bank area of Paris, where the headquarters of the French Socialist Party (PS) are located.

The Age of Panic won the audience prize at the Paris Cinema International Film Festival in July 2013. It was also nominated for the Best First Feature Film at the 2014 César Awards.

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