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Monthly Film (February)

Versailles (2008)
by Pierre Schoeller


Thursday 20th February 2014 – 6.00pm
Sri Lanka Foundation
No.100, Sri Lanka Padanama Mw,
Independence Square,
Colombo 7.





A young mother Nina and her son Enzo find themselves sleeping on the streets of Paris. Their tentative lifestyle eventually leads them to Versailles. Out in the woods near the palace, they encounter a man named Damien who lives cut off from the rest of the world. Nina and Enzo decide to take refuge with him over night. The next morning, Nina appears to have disappeared. As days and seasons pass, Damien and Enzo grow fond of each other, unaware that one day they will have to leave the safe haven of the hut.

Paris, aujourd’hui. Un enfant et sa jeune mère dorment dehors. Nina est sans emploi, ni attaches. Enzo a 5 ans. Leur errance les conduit à Versailles. Dans les bois, tout près du château, un homme vit dans une cabane, retranché de tout. Damien. Nina passe une nuit avec lui. Au petit matin, Nina laisse l’enfant et disparaît. À son réveil, Damien découvre Enzo, seul. Au fil des jours, des saisons, l’homme et l’enfant vont se découvrir, s’apprivoiser, s’attacher. Leur lien sera aussi fort que leur dénuement. Un jour pourtant il faudra quitter la cabane… Un premier long-métrage très remarqué au Festival de Cannes et l’un des derniers rôles de Guillaume Depardieu, exceptionnel en père qui s’invente.

Reviews of the film

“The film’s anti-naturalism is sufficient in itself (in contemporary French cinema), to propose our admiration” – Cahiers du cinema

“Everything is in the choice of this extraordinary actor [Depardieu] that opens a meteoric film renaissance.” – Le Monde


  • Official Selection ‘Un Certain Regard’ ~ Cannes Film Festival 2008
  • Nomination for Caméra d’Or ~ Cannes Film Festival 2008
  • Guillaume Depardieu ~ Nomination for Best Actor in a leading role – César: National Film Awards of France 2009

Club Francophone

Talk, Sing, Act, Discuss, Games, Fun, Socialize, Friends, Food

club fr

A friendly circle of French speakers belonging to all nationalities meet up once a month (at the Alliance Française, at the residence of a circle member, in a coffee shop, etc.) to discuss about a chosen theme. The discussion is followed by more than half an hour of passionate conversation/singing/acts etc in French.

Contact Us
For more details about the program, contact Samantha or Robin of AF Kotte on 011 7906340 / 011 205 52 55
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