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Learn & SPEAK French


According to the CECR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), Alliance française offers you a 6-level progression, from A1 to C2 ; at the end of each level, you will be able to sit for the DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes de Langue Française) or the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de  Langue Française).


These diplomas are recognized all over the world for a job, a migration or a higher studies project. For those who do not wish to take these exams, we shall issue an attestation based on attendance and performance in periodic class tests, allowing you to go to the next level.

CECR LEVEL Speaking &Listening Reading Writing
A1 Basic user Understand basic instructions or take part in a factual conversation on a practical topic Understand basic notices, instructions or information Complete basic forms and write notes, including time, date and place
A2 Basic user Express simple opinions or requirements in a familiar context Understand straightforward information within a known area, such as on products,  signs and simple textbooks or report on familiar matters Complete forms and write short simple letters or postcards related to personal information
B1 Independent user Express opinions on abstract or cultural matters in a limited way or offer advice within a known area, and understand instructions or public announcements Understand routine  information and articles and the general meaning of non routine information within a familiar area Write letters or make notes on familiar or predictable matters
B2 Independent user Follow or give a talk on familiar topics or keep a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics Scan texts for relevant information and understand detailed instruction or advice Make notes while someone is talking or write a letter including non standard requests
C1 Proficient user Contribute effectively to meetings and seminars within one’s own area of work or keep up a casual conversation with a good degree of fluency, coping with abstract expressions Read quickly enough to cope with an academic course, to read the media for information or to understand non-standard correspondence Prepare / draft professional correspondence, take reasonably accurate notes in meetings or write an essay which shows an ability to communicate
C2 Proficient user Advice on or talk about sensitive issues, understanding colloquial references and dealing confidently with hostile questions Understand documents, correspondence and reports, including the finer point of complex texts. Write letters on any subject and take down full notes of meetings or seminars with good expression and accuracy



DELF/DALF Schedule

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Our method ? Let’s communicate !

These classes, all based on a communicative approach to learning French as a foreign language, are aimed towards the general public as well as learners with specific needs (tourism, diplomacy, business, preparation to O and A levels of the Sri Lanka Public Education system and others), of all ages wishing to master French language and culture: children, teen-agers and adults. They allow you to pass the International Examinations in French DELF and DALF at any time you choose and you will receive a national certification at the end of each level considered.

Other Costs for All Courses

Registration, Student Membership        :Subscription : Rs 1000.00

Purchase of methods         : Books and 1 CD, valid during 2 or 3 full sessions or 1 full level : from Rs 3,000.00  to Rs 5,000.00 according to the chosen class and required level

Placement test        : Those who have started studying French elsewhere, a placement test will be given : Rs 1000.00

Type of classes at Alliance Française in COLOMBO

For Children


  •             Getting started with French        (6 to 9 )

  • 11 hours, 11 weeks
  • 1 x 1 hour (See Schedule)
  • Rs 5,000.00

For Pre Teens


  •             Getting into French (10 TO 14)

  • 33 hours, 11 weeks
  • Regular classes – 2 x 1h30  (See Schedule)
  • *exceptional classes 1h30 x 2  (See schedule)
  • Rs 12,200.00

For Students


  •             G.C.E Adv LEVEL

  • 33 hours, 11 weeks
  • 1 x 3 hours (See Schedule)
  • Rs 13,200.00
  •             G.C.E Ord LEVEL

  • 22 hours, 11 weeks
  • 1 x 2 hours (See schedule)
  • Rs 7,500.00

For Adults


  •               EXTENSIVE

  • Beginners
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • 55 hours/*38.5 hours, 11 weeks
  • Regular Classes 2 x 2 1/2 hours (See Schedule)
  • *exceptional classes – 1 x 3h30
  • Rs 15,000.00 (5h)
  • Rs 13,500.00 (3.5h)
  • Post O/L Classes :- Rs 15,000.00


  •             Preparation for DALF C1

  • 55 hours , 11 weeks
  • 2 x 2 1/2 hours ( See Schedule)
  • Rs 15,000.00

A la carte

ala carte

French with Specific Objectives

  • Français du tourisme et /ou de l’hôtellerie- French for Tourism and /or Hotel Trade
  • Français de la diplomatie- French for Diplomacy
  • Français des affaires- French for Business

30 hours , 15 weeks or 60 hours 30 weeks 2 hours per week Rs 95,000.00 / Rs 185,000.00 for a group of 12 persons maximum

  •             Conversation classes

  • Classes for students having reached B1 level and who wish to practice in French with a native speaker. Groups between 8 and 12 persons.
  • 11 weeks
  • 1x 1.5 hours
  • Rs 6,200.00


  •             Individual

  • Classes aimed towards 1 or 2 individuals with personal objectives.
  • Rs 2,400 / per hour / per student


  •             Others

  • French as a Speciality language : according to the needs as they are formulated by the client

4500.00 Rs/hour for a group of 12 persons maximum.


The schedule of the classes for the new term should be updated long with the International Exam (DELF/DALF)Schedule and its rates.

Labcitoyen 2015

« Concours Labcitoyen 2015 – Gagnez un séjour en France »

« Labcitoyen competition 2015 – Win a short stay in France »

Labcitoyen, le programme de mobilité de l’Institut français, offre une opportunité unique aux meilleurs apprenants de français en provenance de plus de 100 pays du monde entier, de participer à un séjour en France, pris en charge par l’Institut Français de Paris et le Service Culturel de l’Ambassade de France. Ce séjour est destiné à leur faire échanger sur les droits de l’homme, tout en découvrant des aspects de la culture française, plaçant les droits de l’homme au centre de la diplomatie culturelle française.

Le programme qui se déroulera à Paris du 5 juillet au 15 juillet 2015, aura pour thème « Les droits de l’Homme face au défi de l’environnement ».

Lab Citoyen is a new mobility programme managed both by the Cultural Service and the Institut Français in Paris. Taking over from the Allons en France contest, it mainly focuses on the human rights matters, the theme of this year being : « The Human Rights faced with the challenges of environnement ».

The Cultural Service will select a young Sri Lankan and a young Maldivin citizen from 18 to 25 of age, with a good proficiency in French (B1 level required), to participate in a 10 days cultural stay in France, from July 5th to July 15th 2015, all inclusive.

Le service culturel de l’ambassade de France à Sri Lanka sélectionnera un(e) sri lankais(e) et un(e) maldivien(ne) âgé(e)s de 18 à 25 ans, francophone (niveau B1) et étant engagé dans les droits de l’homme via la tenue d’un concours écrit (date limite : 1er avril) et oral (20 avril), dont les modalités sont décrites dans le document ci-dessous intitulé “Règlement”. Bonne chance à tous !


LabCitoyens 3rd Edition


Application to be submitted before Friday 18th April 2014

Application form and more information on www.ambafrance-lk.org

Oral jury on Wednesday 7th  May 2014
@ Alliance Française de Kotte

LabCitoyens 3rd Edition

“Human Rights in the 21st Century in an era of digital and social networks”

Win a short stay in France!


Third edition of the program LabCitoyen launched by the Institut Français will gather in Paris, from 6 to 16 July 2014, young people from all over the world aged 18 to 25 who express their interest or their concern in fundamental rights that impact the quality of the citizen’s daily life. Designed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut Français, the program aims to promote the French language as a tool for debate and action on the major issues of our time.

Retrouvez LabCitoyen sur Facebook et sur Twitter
Pour en savoir plus
Labcitoyen, vu par tv5Monde: Destination Francophonie
(émission du 16 novembre 2013)

Troisième édition du programme sur les droits de l’homme lancé par l’Institut français, LabCitoyen rassemblera, du 6 au 16 juillet 2014, des jeunes du monde entier.

Ces jeunes sont invités par la France, du 6 au 16 juillet 2014, dans le cadre de la deuxième édition du programme sur les droits de l’homme intitulé « LabCitoyen ». Issus des 5 continents, ces jeunes francophones de 18 à 25 ans sont pour la plupart engagés dans leur pays en faveur de la défense des droits de l’homme.

Conçu par le ministère des Affaires étrangères et l’Institut français, ce programme vise à promouvoir la langue française en tant qu’outil de débat et d’action sur les grandes questions de notre temps.

Cette nouvelle édition portera sur « la montée de l’intolérance, des violences et des discriminations » et mettra un accent tout particulier sur « les Droits de l’Homme au XXIe siècle à l’ère du numérique et des réseaux sociaux ». Elle permettra aux participants d’aborder la diversité des combats pour les droits à travers des conférences, des débats, des visites et des ateliers.


How to Participate
This new edition will focus on
“the rise of intolerance, violence and discrimination”
and put a special emphasis on..
“Human Rights in the 21st century in an era of digital and social networks”.

Applicants must be Sri Lankan and between 18 and 25 years old. They should have a good proficiency in French (level B1 minimum).

Each candidate will send a text (350 words minimum to 450 words maximum) related to the topic presented above, illustrating a form of citizen involvement in Sri Lanka.

The document in Word format together with the application form
should be emailed to: Tarana

labcit2014-2013The 2013 finalists from Sri Lanka

The jury, composed of two experts on these issues, two representatives from the French Embassy and the Alliance Française, will select five candidates on the quality of their arguments, relevance on the theme, general presentation and linguistic quality of their text. Those five candidates will be invited to express their views orally in front of the jury on Wednesday 7th May 2014. The winner of the contest will be chosen on the basis of criteria favoring the quality of his/her arguments and sensitivity related to the year’s theme proposed.

The winner will be invited to participate to conferences, debates, visits and workshops in Paris from 6 to 16 July 2014.
View the 2013 Contest Summary

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For more details about the program, contact Sarah or Robin of AF de Kotte on 011 790 63 40 / 011 205 52 55
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