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DELF-DALF 2022-09 JUNIOR results and ATTESTATIONS now available.

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The DELF Attestations will be available at Alliance Française de Colombo (11, Barnes Place, Colombo 7) from Tuesday 04 October 2022.

There are 3 options for the candidates to collect their diploma:

1. Collect in person from the reception of Alliance Française :
a) Show a valid ID document with a photo to the information officers;
b) Sign the liste d’émargement.
c) Collect your Attestation.

2. Collect it through a designated person By PROXY :
a) The candidate must fill and sign the Proxy Form, and send it to the designated person;
b) Front Desk officers will check the identity of the designated person with a valid ID with photo;
c) Front Desk officers must collect the ID copy of the candidat;
d) The designated person must sign the liste d’émargement provided by the information officers.
e) Only then, the Front Desk officers can remit the diploma to the designated person.

3. Receive the Diploma by post :
The candidate must send by post to Alliance Française de Colombo, 11 Barnes Place, Colombo 7 – Academic Department:
a) a letter requesting to receive his/her Diploma by post. The candidate should specify his full name, his candidate number and the DELF he sat for;
b) a stamped addressed envelope.  Alliance Française de Kotte will verify the postal address before sending the document by post.
c)Alliance Française will prepare the sending of the diplomas with stamped envelope by registered mail.

Next DELF sessions – 2022

Exam Dates: 10, 16 December
Registration: 01 -> 27 November
Fees: A1, A2, B1
Full Rate: Rs. 12,000/-
– AF Rates: Rs. 6,000/. (for AF students registered during the past 12 months)
Fees: B2
Full Rate: Rs. 14,000/-
AF Rates: Rs. 7,000/. (for AF students registered during the past 12 months)
Fees: C1 & C2
Full Rate: Rs. 15,000/-
AF Rates: Rs. 7,500/. (for AF students registered during the past 12 months)

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