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I have studied French for my OLs/ALs. How can I start studying French at Alliance Francaise?

It requires you to come for a placement test to check your level out. The Alliance Francaise de Kotte generally conducts placement tests on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 10.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. In order to sit for a placement test, you should arrange an appointment at least two days prior to the day on which you would like to face the test. It is possible to arrange one over the phone, by contacting the information officers at the front desk.

What is the difference between the General Course and Conversation Course?

The General Course is basically designed for the students who are willing to develop a comprehensive knowledge and skills in all the major areas of Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. The general course is a diploma program which is aiming at the international DELF/DALF examinations. On the other hand, the Conversation Class is specially designed for the students who are willing to give a priority for Speaking. If you intend to improve your conversational skills, you can get yourself registered for the Conversational Class, but it is mandatory that you possess a basic knowledge of French language. If you are a total beginner, you should acquaint yourself with the basics by following the general course for at least 6 months prior to joining the Conversation Class.

How many levels are there in our classes?

There are 6 levels in Alliance Francaise.
Beginners’ Level A1
Pre-intermediate level A2
Intermediate level B1
Advanced Level B2
Proficiency Level. C1
Higher Proficiency Level C2

What is the duration of the course?

The Alliance Francaise de Kotte generally offers two options to the students when they get newly registered. They are the Once-A-Week option or the Twice-A-Week option. In the Once-A-Week option, the students have only one class of 3.5 hours per week and it takes 12 months to complete one level within 4 terms*. In the Twice-A-Week option, the students have two classes of 5 hours (2.5 hours each day) per week and it takes 9 months to complete one level within 3 terms.

*One term consists three months.

Where is Alliance Francaise located at?

We are located at No.11, Keppetipola Mawatha, Colombo 05, right beside the Police ground in Thmibirigasyaya and the Senior Police Officers’ mess.

Is there any other branch (es) in Colombo?

No, there are no other branches in Colombo; we are the only Alliance Francaise body and the only French language and cultural center in Colombo which are affiliated to the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and Maldives, with the capacity to conduct the international DELF/DALF examinations.

Are there any other branches outside Colombo?

Yes, there are branches of the Alliance Francaise network, located in Galle, Mathara, Kandy and Jaffna.

What are the facilities offered?

The students may have access to the media library in the Alliance Francaise by obtaining the membership as well as the access to the CultureTèchque. The students are also eligible to sit for the International DELF/DALF examinations, once they complete the relevant level at Alliance.

Does Alliance Francaise de Kotte conduct French classes for children?

Yes, the Alliance Francaise de Kotte conducts classes for children from 6 years onwards. Usually classes are conducted on weekdays in the afternoon. Please contact the information officers at the front desk to get more information about the children’s classes.

Does Alliance Francaise de Kotte conduct individual classes for students?

Yes, the Alliance Francaise de Kotte conducts individual classes for students who find it difficult to attend the general course upon the students’ request.

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