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Online classes rates

Class New Rate   (18 weeks)
Adults Course (5 hours Per Week)27,700.00
Adults Course (3 hours Per Week) 21,200.00
G.C.E. A/L Course22,800.00
G.C.E. O/L Course13,400.00
Edex & Cambr O/L Course19,700.00
Pre Adolescents Course19,700.00
Children’s Course10,100.00
Conversation Course10,600.00
Registration Fee 1,000.00

How to pay

1. Check whether your class is open and settle the payment by 13th of August.
2. Refer to the revised rates for your class.
3. Do a bank payment using the following bank details of AFK.

Alliance Française de Kotte (guarantee) LTD.
HNB Cinnamon Gardens Bank
A/C no: 076010120865

4. Take a screenshot of the bank receipt and send it to the relevant email address mentioned below along with your name, contact number and the class code to confirm your registration.

Beginners’ classes: afko.online.be@gmail.com
Pre-intermediate classes: afko.online.pi@gmail.com
Intermediate/Advanced/Proficiency level classes: afko.online.iap@gmail.com
Conversation/OL/AL classes: afko.online.col@gmail.com
Pre Adolescents classes: afko.online.pa@gmail.com Children’s classes: afko.online.en@gmail.com

5. If you are a new student, please fill the following form and send it with the payment confirmation to the relevant email address.

The total payment will be: course fee per term + onetime registration fee (Rs.1,000/-). You will also require to purchase the textbook (Rs.4,000/-) from our information desk. (Contact our information officers via 011-20 55 255 for further clarification)

Please be informed that the payments after the deadline will not be accepted. Hence, we kindly request you to respect the given deadline. If you need assistance on this, please contact our information officers via info@alliancefrancaise.lk

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