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Course overview

The proposed online courses have been developed to temporarily replace our regular classes until it is safe and advisable to welcome our students back to AFKo premises physically.

We have changed the teaching methods (involving a combination of video conferencing and an e-learning platform).

However, the class content and timetable have remained the same with small changes in class/ course duration.

Similar to face-to-face learning, our online courses still invite plenty of opportunities to interact with classmates, engage with teachers and get fully immersed in the French language.

E-learning plan is based on the following platforms


Zoom is a video telephony software program that allows you to see, listen and interact with your teacher and classmates.


This platform will be used in our Teens and Adults’ classes. Similar to Google Classroom, this allows you to do homework and assignments assigned by your class teacher. You can also interact with your teacher and your classmates through this platform easily. 

CourseAllocated time for video conference (per day)Allocated time for apolearn (Per Day)
Standard Courses (Adults) 5h – Twice a week1.5h1h
Standard Courses (Adults) 3h – Once a week 1.5h 1.5h
Conversation Classes (Adults) 1.5h – Once a week 1.5h
Teens Classes 3h – Once a week (Age 10-15 years) 1.5h 1.5h
Kids Classes 1h – Once a week (Age 6-10 years)1/2h 1/2h
GCE AL/London OL courses 1.5h 1.5h
GCE OL Courses 1.5h 1/2h
Individual ClassesA student can determine the number of hours he/she takes

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