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We thank you all for the cooperation you have shown since March 2020, even with limited access to our premises.

In these challenging times, it will not be possible to have the same working conditions prior to COVID. However, we are trying our best to provide our services cater to your French language-related requirements.

To provide the best possible services we require your continuous support. Please find below the procedures that we have arranged to run our operations smoothly at Alliance Française de Kotte in COLOMBO.

* The AFKO premises will be open to the general public on weekdays from 9.00 am – 4.30 pm with effect from the 10th of November until further notice. During the mentioned days we will be providing the following services.

Providing details on our courses and the examinations that we conduct.
Providing details on Higher education: CampusFrance.
Arranging CampusFrance interviews.
Library access and related services.
Providing the Attestations and DELF/DALF Certificates of the previous sessions.
TEF Examinations (Prior arranged).

* Visitors must either call on 011 – 20 55 255 or Email anytime on info@alliancefrancaise.lk to express the reason of visit and make an appointment with us in advance.

*They will require to indicate their names, ID number or candidate number, the time and reason for the visit.

Stay tuned about our news