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  Starting Date Ending Date
Monday only classes 05th April 28th June
Tuesday only classes 06th April 22nd June
Wednesday only classes 07th April 30th June
Thursday only classes 01st April 01st July
Friday only classes 09th April 25th June
Saturday only classes 03rd April 26th June
Sunday only classes 04th April 20th June
Monday & Wednesday classes 05th April 30th June
Tuesday & Thursday classes 01st April 29th June
Saturday & Sunday classes 03rd April 26th June

Tips, when selecting the ideal course,

1. If you are an adult beginner. the level that you should start is A1.1.

2. If your child is a preadolescent beginner (Age between 10 – 15 years), the level that he/she should start is Teens 1.

3. If your child is below 10 years old beginner (Age between 6 – 10), the level that he/she should start is Kids 1.

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