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You will receive an email from your teacher with an invitation to join the google classroom and Zoom For your guide on how to use the application refer to the Tutorials below (video credit goes to the original owner):


Check that you have all the necessary tools that you will need to begin on time. Please verify:

Your computer or laptop is switched on and/ or your tablet or smartphone has enough battery / is connected to a power source. Also, you have sufficient data for the class.
Check your sound settings are on – during the session, if your surrounding environment is noisy, you may mute your microphone and unmute when you would like to speak.
You have a Chrome browser open.
Your camera is switched on. (should you feel comfortable)
You have your books with you.

Before each class, you will be able to find the link to join your video conference on Zoom or you will receive it in an email sent by your teacher. Please ensure you have clicked ‘join’ and wait for your teacher’s approval.

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